The Story So Far

Seeking adventure and reward, BERTRAM MONTOYA and his ward BORIN STONEHEART set out for D’Qar from Selonia to seek out the rebel alliance and get in on the action. They booked passage on Flora, a light cruiser belonging to LUCIDAN NEROS. Unbeknownst to the others, Lucidan’s drinking buddy MAARDUS OF CLAN RANDT had accidentally smuggled himself on board after a night of revelry.

As they tried to decide what to do with their stowaway, the Flora was captured and boarded by the Star Destroyer Imperious. They were separated and interrogated by KAYLIN LEED, a Lieutenant in Imperial Intelligence. He had not made much progress when the Imperious made a jump to lightspeed and, shortly thereafter, abruptly dropped back out of hyperspace, all alarms blazing.

Leed decided to free the prisoners and boarded an escape pod with them. As they fled the ship they discovered that they’d emerged from hyperspace in low orbit, the Imperious’s engines unable to maintain its heading, sending the whole ship crashing to the ground.

Planetside the group finds a deployment of stormtroopers, who Leed takes command of, and a signal indicating some kind of settlement to the north. They set out in this direction and discover a village of natives, with an appearance similar to crustaceans. The natives have been beset by an infestation of carnivorous worms. Leed, the only one able to speak with the natives, tells the others that at the heart of the worm nest is a spaceship which will allow them to escape the planet.

The group, along with the four storm troopers and five natives, journey to the next. There they find an abandoned Imperial mining operation. A cave-in separates the group, and they must fight their way back together, along the way losing several troopers and natives. Leed reveals that the promsied starship was a lie, causing the troopers to leave. Fearing discovery, the group kills the fleeing troopers.

Locating the worm mother at the heart of the mining operation, and decide to destroy her using mining equipment they found. However the worm mother is wrapped around a buried STARSHIP, requiring the group to engage in stalling tactics while Leed and Stoneheart make their way to the ship’s entrance to use its weapons and the others try to damage the mother. Progress is slow, so Bertram takes the pack of explosives up to the surface of the planet and sets them off, causing a collapse of the roof and burying the worm mother.

Fearing the worst, Bertram, Maartus and Lucidon make their way down into the pit to find their friends’ bodies. But Stoneheart had used his nascent force powers to save himself and Leed.

Lucidon and Betram return the remaining natives to their home, accidentally offending the entire village in the process. Meanwhile Leed is able to decipher the ancient language of the ship and gain access. As they begin to explore the ship, they hear a starfighter approaching. The group decides to hideout within the discovered ship and explore within. It seems to have been abandoned 740 years earlier, after some kind of battle in space. Stoneheart senses a dark presence, which leads them through a landing bay, the long dead engine, and finally to a decadently appointed set of personal quarters, complete with trophy room.

Lucidan, separated from the group, discovers XL-D4 hidden in the hangar bay in a storage unit. XL confirms that his master has been long missing, and that the ship itself requires repairs in order to leave the planet.

They set out for the signal to the north, but quickly find that the starfighter patrols, belonging to neither Imperials nor Rebels but bearing the emblem of Janeth Heavy Works, a corporation and shipbuilder that had worked for both sides of the Galactic Civil War.

The group decided to split up, Maartus exploring the signal while the others prepare to set a trap to capture one of the passing scouts.

Maartus discovered a small town under occupation, held by mercenaries. He made contact with Feedo Kan, the tavern’s cook, and Sesinia Trazo, the mayor. Several of the townfolk have been killed by the occupying forces, and they’re depserate for any kind of help. Maartus radioed the others and convinced them to come and help him take the landing pad outside town where a troop transport sat under guard.

Kaylie sneaked aboard the ship and dispatched the engineer. He took the pilot hostage, forcing the ship to take off. This draws the attention of the guards, who begin to investigate. The others lay down cover fire to distract them and begin to leave on their speeders when a massive four-armed alien emerge from the hangar and disables their speeder, trapping the group.

A pitched and bloody fight followed, Lucidon getting pinned down under heavy fire while Leed used the ship’s turrets to strike at the remaining soldiers and Bertram, Maartus, Feedo and XL laying suppressing fire.

Stoneheart, fearing for his friends’ lives, draws the light saber he found on board the buried ship and uses it, first saving Lucidon’s life and then killing the four-armed alien in one mighty blow. The other soldiers, terrified by the arrival of a Jedi in their midst, surrender. As the group carries a wounded Feedo aboard, Leed takes one of the soldiers hostage and executes the rest.

Before passing out from pain, Feedo gravely announces that if they don’t go back to liberate his people, the soldiers will surely kill the rest of the townsfolk. They interrogate their prisoner and discover that the FIST OF HEAVEN, a ship of unknown capabilities and belonging to Janeth Heavy Works. He confirms that the townsfolk are probably already dead.

The group arrives back at the town to find it seemingly deserted. They approach the tavern where contact was first made and set off a booby trap, calling down a horde of troopers and patrol ships. As the Lucidon and Bertram fend off attacks from above, including a prisoner who escapes and kills Feedo. Maartus, Stoneheart and Kalyin grapple with troops on the ground, Maartus and Kaylin ultimately each taking out a squad. The group reunites and is about to leave when more patrol ships arrive.

The group, outgunned and outmanned, surrender. However, Lucidon and XL-D4 hid themselves aboard the commandeered ship and took off with the others unnoticed. Once in the air, Lucidon emerged from his compartment and, with Kaylin, attempted to commandeer the transport. This resulted in the ship crashing and the group booby trapping it to destroy all evidence of what happened when the patrol ships returned to check on their status.

They then met up once more with Sesinia and other survivors from the town massacre. It seemed that many had taken advantage of the distraction the group provided and escaped the town, and now hid in the forest to enact a resistance campaign against Janeth Heavy Works. She sent Aari Ran to lead the group to Grand Moff Shapris’s Pleasure Dome, where the Moff vacationed to hunt big game from across the universe.

The group battled their way through a collection of escaped animals to reach the landing bay of the pleasure dome. Inside they found security drones and an invisible tentacled creature waiting, as well as several disabled ships. In the end they located a passable ship just as more troops from Janeth Heavy Works. While the troopers and security drones battle each other the group gets the engine and computer operational. Finally in possession of a working ship, they have to decide what to do about the troops, ships, and Fist of Heaven standing between them and escape….

The Story So Far

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